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  • With free public WiFi hotspots becoming more prominent, being able to secure your information and identity becomes just as important, especially when hackers can simply connect to the same unsecured network that you’re using and start eavesdropping on your information. This might come easily to networking gurus who already know how to cover their tracks,… [Continue Reading]

    HideMyAss Pro VPN Review
  • As public WiFi hotspots become increasingly available, the possibility of having your information and identity compromised also increases. If you regularly access the internet through open networks, it is almost inevitable that someone will eavesdrop on your online activity and sniff through your information. If you don’t have some kind of way to block them,… [Continue Reading]

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Texas Email Privacy Law Now The Strongest In The Nation

On June 14, 2013, Texas governor Rick Perry signed an unprecedented online privacy bill into law.  The bill, HB 2268, previously passed unanimously in both the Texas House and Senate.  The new law demands that Texas law enforcement acquire a warrant before searching private email and other online data, giving Texans the strongest Internet privacy […]

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Video thumbnail for youtube video Promises Of NSA Reform Raises More Questions Than It Answers - VPN Service Review

Promises Of NSA Reform Raises More Questions Than It Answers

President Barack Obama’s pledge that the government would no longer be housing vast warehouses of the personal and private communication data of millions of Americans was a relief on the surface, but the vagueness displayed when the specifics were outlined has caused many to raise a significant amount of questions as to how exactly the […]

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Video thumbnail for youtube video What? NSA Data Collection Hasn't Prevented Terrorist Attacks? - VPN Service Review

What? NSA Data Collection Hasn’t Prevented Terrorist Attacks?

Say it isn’t so!  All the billions of dollars spent on massive data centers and tapping the phones of our allies have done zip to prevent a single attack on American interests anywhere in the world?  Well that’s what had been reported by MSNBC and Business insider, amongst others. The reports go as far as […]


The Coming Wave Of Quantum Computers & The NSA

News has recently come out showcasing the NSA’s desire to create a quantum computer in order to crack every existing form of encryption known.  Well that is until quantum computing is available for the companies creating encryption methodologies.  Although it isn’t new information that the NSA has had its beady eyes focus on this objective […]

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NSA Hacks The iPhone With A DropoutJeep!?

I’m starting to think that I am in the middle of a James Bond movie or something.  It recently came out that the NSA created a protocol they call DropoutJeep (who the hell names these things anyway…) that allows them to target iPhone users.  That little hack lets them access your phone’s camera and microphone […]